Look Forward to the Next-Generation Capabilities with Microsoft Office Home 2019 for MacBook

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Microsoft Office 2019 Home and Student for mac

Look Forward to the Next-Generation Capabilities with Microsoft Office Home 2019 for MacBook

Microsoft Office Home 2019 for MacBook was recently launched, and it includes a number of useful improvements and additions for people who have yet to join the cloud. Microsoft Office Home 2019 for MacBook will not receive any further feature upgrades because it is a one-time release. However, it is an update from Microsoft Office 2016 that includes several next-generation capabilities.

Here are the new features available to MacBook users in Microsoft Office Home 2019

1. Powerful Data Analysis

When it comes to data administration and analysis, Microsoft Excel still reigns supreme. Users of Microsoft Office Home 2019 for MacBook may look forward to new formulae and charts. This will make it much easier to evaluate and display data in an understandable fashion. Filter charts, timelines, and 2D maps are among the new charts.

Users may also use new connections and features such as CONCAT, IFS, SWITCH, and TEXTJOIN. Other changes include the ability to publish Excel to Power BI, Power Pivot, and Power Query.

2. State-Of-The-Art Presentation Features

Microsoft PowerPoint is a popular presentation program that may be found in boardrooms, conference rooms, and even lecture halls. Microsoft has introduced additional tools to enable MacBook users to continue to create attractive, simple, and easy-to-understand presentation slides.

One of its key characteristics is the ability to Morph and Zoom. Users will be able to construct sophisticated and elegant presentations as a result of this. Other capabilities include the ability to insert and manage icons, 3D models, and SVG, export 4K video, and play in a click sequence.

Furthermore, the program has inking capabilities including tilt effects, a wandering pencil case, and pressure sensitivity, allowing you to produce documents intuitively.

3. Easier Document Creation

Microsoft Word was not forgotten when Office 2019 Home was redesigned for MacBook. Focus Mode is one of the greatest features that consumers will undoubtedly like. This feature will make it much easier for you to finish your reports. It will also filter out distractions and put your material front and center. Microsoft has added an accessibility enhancement such as reading Aloud, which will save you time while revising and proofreading your work.

For those who like a dark theme, you may now change the traditional blue theme in Microsoft Word to a dark theme. Office noises, a translator, customizable ribbons, learning aids, subtitles, audio explanations, and text to speech are among the other features.

4. Third Party Add-In Program

Microsoft launched the Office add-in program for the first time in Office 2013. Because of the popularity of the platform, Microsoft has chosen to integrate the add-in program with Office 2019 Home for MacBook.

Microsoft Office 2019 Home has New Features

Many of the features, such as better inking, new animation components in PowerPoint, including the morph and zoom capabilities, and new data analysis formulas and charts in Excel.

Focus Mode will be accessible in Word, 2D maps in Excel, and new Morph transitions, SVG compatibility, and 4K video outputs in PowerPoint, among other features.

What’s New in the Core Apps of Microsoft Office Home 2019?

Now that you know what the different Microsoft Office 2019 Home for MacBook versions are, let’s have a look at the new features in the important apps: PowerPoint, Word, and Excel.

Microsoft PowerPoint 2019 Features

When it comes to presentations, PowerPoint reigns supreme. With the introduction of PowerPoint 2019, Microsoft’s position as the presenting software to beat has been solidified even more. Both the Windows and MacBook versions have received long-awaited upgrades. However, as is customary, the Windows version has a little edge over the MacBook version, particularly with the new digital ink features.

Microsoft Word 2019 Features

Although both Mac and Windows have been upgraded, not all of the new capabilities are available on all platforms. Focus Mode, for example, is now accessible on the MacBook but remains unavailable on Windows.

Microsoft Excel 2019 Features

Microsoft has done a fantastic job of upgrading an already powerful product with the Excel 2019 version. There are some new features and enhancements.

Excel users will discover a few beneficial enhancements in Microsoft Office 2019 Home for MacBook. The new features in Excel, which include funnel charts and 2D maps, new functions and connectors, the option to publish from Excel to PowerBI, and modifications to PowerPivot and Power Query, are all targeted toward data analysis.

Last Thoughts

Office 2019 Home for MacBook, as previously said, is a breath of new air for MacBook users. Microsoft Office 2019 Home for MacBook includes a slew of new capabilities for customers who aren’t yet ready for the cloud. Its focus Mode function helps to filter out distractions and bring your topic to the forefront. This function is accessible. It enables users to work with the digital pen to improve their job. Another feature that MacBook users will like is 4K video output and PowerPoint’s Play in-click sequence.

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