The Beginning Of New Era With Windows 11

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The Beginning Of New Era With Windows 11

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Windows is a catalyst for innovation. It’s an everlasting platform for each of us to build on. It’s also where over a billion people go to work, live their dreams, and connect with the people they care about. We’re overjoyed to be releasing Windows 11; the entire user experience brings you closer to the things that matter to you, empowers you to produce, and inspires you to create. Windows 11 gives you a feeling of openness and calm. It provides you with a comfortable environment. It’s safe, and everything has been designed with you in mind. You must hold Windows 11 in your hands to fully appreciate its magic. Windows 11’s stunning graphics, sounds, and animations, combined with our partners’ and Surface’s innovative and beautiful hardware, create an experience unlike any other.

The Latest start screen of Windows 11

The team thought through every pixel and detail to bring you a more modern, fresh, and beautiful experience, from the new Start menu and Taskbar to each sound, font, and icon you see. With Start at the Centre, you have quick access to the content and apps you care about, and you can see recent files you’ve been working on regardless of which device you were using, whether it was an Android or iOS device, thanks to the power of the cloud and Microsoft 365 (sold separately).

Personalized Widget for Windows 11

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Widgets is a new personalized feed powered by AI and the web that brings you closer to the content and information you care about. Widgets slide across your screen like a sheet of glass, making it easy to open your personalized feed with a click or swipe from the left. Widgets bring everything you love to your fingertips, whether it’s glancing at your day through Outlook calendar and To-Do list integrations, catching up on the latest headlines or viewing your favorite OneDrive photo memories, or checking the weather forecast.

Multitasking Is Now Easy

From multiple monitors and browser tabs to editing documents in Word or PowerPoint, we’re all multitasking more than ever on our PCs. Snap Layouts and Groups, as well as Desktops, in Windows 11 make it easier to focus and stay in your flow. Snap Layouts and Groups provide a more powerful way to multitask while also optimizing your screen real estate in a visually pleasing manner. It’s never been easier to have all the content you need at your fingertips, perfectly organized, thanks to new three-column layouts for larger screens. Desktops let you create individual desktops with different sets of apps to help you stay organized and focused, similar to how you might create different spaces in your home, and you can even give each one its own name and wallpaper.

The All-New Microsoft Teams chat room

Microsoft Teams Chat is a new feature that helps you get closer to the people you care about. You can use a personal account to chat, voice, or video call with your friends, family, and other contacts with a single click, regardless of their device or platform – Windows, Mac, Android, or iOS. Microsoft bn Teams isn’t just for smart device users; SMS text messaging allows your friends and family to join the conversation as well. Plus, you can use Chat to launch the full Microsoft Teams experience, which includes event schedules, quick polls, file sharing, and more. 

Introduces New Tools And Resources For Developers

With Windows 11, we aimed to make the operating system more open. We considered the development process as well as the tools and capabilities required to create fantastic apps. Windows 11 was designed with developers in mind. You can use the tools, frameworks, and languages that you’re already familiar with to create and build apps. We’re also excited about all of your apps and will work hard to make them feel right at home on Windows. Learn more about our developer advancements by reading this blog post.

The Latest Windows 11 was created with gamers in mind

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Windows 11 was built for gamers, with cutting-edge new features that can elevate your PC gaming experience. If your PC has an HDR-capable display, Auto HDR will upgrade over 1000 DirectX 11 and DirectX 12 games to a high dynamic range, allowing you to see a much wider range of colors and brightness. We also believe that giving players a choice is important, so Windows 11 includes the option to turn Auto HDR on or off per game.

Game Pass Content Is Available

The Xbox app is also included with Windows 11. Through the Xbox app, you can browse, download, and play more than 100 high-quality PC games with Game Pass for PC (membership sold separately). And with incredible game launches like Age of Empires IV on Oct. 28, Forza Horizon 5 on Nov. 9, and Halo Infinite on Dec. 8, this October kicks off the three biggest months in Xbox history. On day one, Xbox Game Pass Ultimate and Xbox Game Pass for PC members will have access to all three of these games. Thanks to the power of Xbox Cloud Gaming (Beta) with the Xbox app, Xbox Game Pass Ultimate members can also play 100+ Xbox console games on their PC without having to wait for a download.

Windows 11 Is For Hybrid Work And Learning

Windows 11 Is For Hybrid Work And Learning

It is critical for today’s organizations to be resilient and flexible, given the rapid acceleration of digital transformation that we’ve seen over the last 19 months. We recognize the importance of an operating system that is flexible, consistent, secure, and works how you work, especially with the shift to hybrid work, where work is constantly changing. That’s why Windows 11 is built on a stable, compatible, and familiar Windows 10 foundation that is simple to manage for IT. To properly appreciate Windows 11, you must have it in your hands. Windows 11’s stunning graphics, audio, and animations, along with innovative and attractive hardware from our partners and Surface, create an experience unlike any other. 

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