Office 2021: Available to download?

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Office 2021: Available to download?

Microsoft Office is the most well-known office suite that can we find in Windows systems. We all or almost all of us are certainly looking forward to the release of the new Office 2021 version this year (when exactly you discover it in this article). We can obtain this suite in two different ways:

We can pay for the Office 365 subscription, or pay for a full license of the program we like… If we are among those who prefer this second option, we are in luck, since Microsoft has just launched the first commercial versions of Office 2021    

At first, we all hoped that there wouldn’t be a new version of Office as such, because with the success of Office 365 and its continued development, everything indicated that this was the final version of the office suite. However, to our surprise, earlier this year we saw that Microsoft was planning to release another single payment version: Office 2021.

What’s New in MS Office 2021 ?

It won’t be a groundbreaking version, as it won’t bring many changes from the office 2019 version that most of us use. And nothing that Office 365 users haven’t already received. However, this is an important update, especially for businesses that do not pay Microsoft’s subscription, as it will be a Long Term Service Channel (LTSC) Extended Support version…  

What will stand out the most about this new version of Office will be the native dark mode for all the applications in the suite. We can also find improvements in Excel, and other changes distributed by the different applications of the suite. All of these changes have already been tested by Office 365 users, either in the stable version or in the Insider branch. Nothing new on the horizon, really.  

You can check more informations about the new Microsoft Office version in this post : MICROSOFT PROVIDES SOME INFORMATION ABOUT OFFICE 2021


Without cloud access, Microsoft Office 2021 LTSC will not include the full feature set Microsoft 365 offers. New features will include accessibility improvements, capabilities such as dynamic tables and XLOOKUP in Excel, support dark mode in several applications; and performance improvements in Word, Excel, Outlook, and PowerPoint.

The next version of Microsoft Office 2021 will not include Skype for Business, but it will ship with the Microsoft Teams app, allowing customers to activate and test this experience if they choose.

Download the new office 2021 now

Although the final and commercial version is not available until the end of this year, Microsoft wanted to make the first Public Preview version of this new suite available to users. In this way, all users who want to try it can download it and have the first contact with it and its news. And, at the same time, Microsoft will be able to detect and fix any errors, bugs, and issues that may exist with the suite.

If we want to download this version, we can do it for free from this link. We can download the Office Professional Plus version which includes 2021 versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, OneNote, Outlook, Publisher, Skype for Business, and Teams. And we can also download the trial versions of Project Professional and Visio Professional         

We remember that we can download Microsoft Office for Windows and macOS.  

What is the release date ?

Microsoft will make office 2021 available in the second half of 2021. There will be versions for Windows 10 and others for macOS.

At the end of April 2021, Microsoft released a beta version of the new Microsoft suite for Mac. More on the new features that have already appeared in the beta below.

What will be the price of Office 2021 ?

The price for Office 2021 will be the same as Microsoft Office 2019.

The latest version of Office for Mac is Office Home & Student 2019  US$149.99  or 129 euro for our European readers.  

Customers will be able to purchase Office 2021 lifetime license – Which means they will not need to take out an annual subscription to use it. The good news is that this license will include five years of support for the Office.

Office LTSC must be purchased for each device, but the license does not have to be renewed after purchase.

When users will start to buy office 2021 and this new version will be more stable, Microsoft is expected to increase the prices for Office 2021 Professional Plus, Office Standard, and the associated apps by 10%. Microsoft is also promising that after Office LTSC there will be another stand-alone version without a subscription.

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